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Web Design

Web Design Services

If you are thinking about having your own website and do not know where to start, I hope the following information will give you some idea of what is required.

Domain Name Registration – The first thing every business should do is to register their own domain name. Every day we see commercial vehicles with web addresses displayed on them that  are almost as long as the vehicle. Much better to have something short & catchy.  I can register domain names from most countries – I currently look after sites  in the uk and Australia.

Website Hosting – Once you have your domain name the next thing you need is some web space, a  place on our server or other provider for hosting your website. I can supply  virtually any type of hosting to suit the needs of your site, be it Windows or  Linux both with standard or advanced features such as dynamic pages and  databases.

Email – Our hosting packages all include mail server facilities  where you can use your domain name as your email address. Email accounts can  range from simple forwarding through POP3 mail.  For example: My email is

Website Design – Once you have your  domain name & web space you next need to have your website designed and uploaded  to the server. I will be happy to design your site for you – costing on request,  from one page starter websites through to unlimited.

Search Engine Promotion– Your website is online and you need to make sure that potential customers can  find it on Google and the other search engines.   That’s where I can help too – I offer  a range of optimisation and promotion packages from a subscription based search  engine submission system to a complete analysis & optimisation of your site. If  I design your site for you I  can build this in right from the start.

Webmaster Services – Having a Webmaster is important for every  website. A Webmaster is like the website manager. A website needs to be kept  current, correct any errors, fix any problems, this is the role of the  Webmaster. Many small businesses can’t afford a full time employee to maintain  the website – why not hire me?  Costing on request email



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