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Join Bingo the on line BINGO and Gambling links Site, where you will find great links to fantastic  Bingo Sign Up Deals  on offer – Join Bingo Links.

Browse the Join Bingo Links Website for Bingo and Gambling  Signup Deals and Great Online  BINGO Fun at Join Bingo.

Join Bingo Links

All you need to know about BINGO with explanations of some of the variations played world wide and on line for great fun bingo at JOIN BINGO;

90 Ball Bingo

UK bingo players will be most familiar with the 90 ball version of the game, which  includes the famous bingo calls such as;  Two Little Ducks, Kelly’s Eye and Two Fat Ladies and is played up and down the country in bingo halls, church halls and community centres as well as online.  Bingo is enjoyed by all age groups and now appears to be more socially acceptable.

90 ball bingo cards comprise of 27 spaces (3 x 9) with 15 spaces filled with numbers, 5 per line. Each column will only show selected numbers, For example column 1 will show numbers 1 to 10, column 2 will be for 11 to 20 whilst the last column will show 81 to 90. In 90 ball bingo, players can choose to play single cards or more usually strips. In bingo halls across the world  players will use daubers (marker pens) to mark off the numbers as they are called, but online it’s all automated so you don’t need to worry about missing any numbers, just sit back and enjoy.

The aim of the game is to cover all your numbers as they are called. To make the game more interesting prizes are usually awarded for the first person to cover one line and/or two lines before the full house is reached.  One line is usually any  line, whilst the two lines game is can be played with the top and bottom lines. Some bingo rooms also offer a progressive jackpot to players who call bingo in a fixed number of calls.

75 Ball Bingo or Pattern Bingo

As well as 90 ball bingo many UK bingo sites will also offer 75 ball bingo games too. This is the version of the game more associated with The USA and is often called pattern bingo because the object of the game is coverall the numbers in a designated pattern.

75 ball bingo cards consists of 24 numbers contained in a 5 x 5 grid. The 25th space, given as the middle square, is designated a free space. Each column represents a letter – name B, I, N, G and O – bingo! As in 90 ball bingo the aim is to get all your numbers covered first. However patterns play an important role in 75 ball bingo. You may play to coverall (cover all 24 numbers) or for various patterns, where the aim is to cover the numbers within the pattern.

Patterns can be anything from just the four corners, to shapes of letters, numbers right through to even the whole card. Seasonal variations for things such as Halloween (pumpkin, witch’s hat) and Christmas (baubles, snowball) are also quite popular. Apparently there is also strategy associated with bingo card selection and types of patterns that are better to play in 75 ball bingo.

75 ball rooms tend not to attract as many players as their 90 ball counterparts. However, many prize bingo games will use pattern bingo as the basis for their latest promotions. It’s fun and well worth playing, if you enjoy bingo.

30 Ball Bingo

As online bingo has increased in popularity, there have been many attempts to enhance the game away from it’s 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo origins. One such attempt is 30 ball bingo. It’s exactly as you’d expect from 75 and 90 games, but with fewer numbers.

30 ball bingo cards consist of 9 numbers contained in a 3 x 3 grid. Games are usually very fast. As the player has less numbers to cover and there are fewer numbers to be called the game is often referred to as speed bingo. There are no patterns or lines to fill – it’s pure and simple first one to coverall wins.

Bingo is a fun game to play and On Line Bingo sites now offer so much more than bingo, with Scratch cards, On Line Slot Machines, variations of the common Bingo games.  Many of the sites offer fantastic sign up deals so check them out and  sign up for the best deals, some of which are brought to you on Join Bingo.


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